About Me

Darryl Armstrong — Freelance Graphic Designer

I have been out on my own as a freelance graphic designer for over 15 years. Virtually all of my clients have come to me via word-of-mouth, being referred to me by one of my current or past clients. I am still working with most of my clients with whom I began working for when I began freelancing in 1987. I believe I have a wide variety of clients to keep me sharp and creative, yet not so many clients that I cannot give appropriate time to each of them.

I have experience in designing a wide variety of printed pieces from simple postcards to full product boxes, to restaurant menus.

Education and Experience

Associates Degree, Muskegon Community College,
Bachelor Degree, Northern Michigan University, Major: Graphic Design
Master of Business Administration, Grand Valley State University, Major: General Management

While in college I worked in the college print shop and ran a printing press. After earning my Bachelor's degree at NMU, I was first employed as a typesetter with a company that produced Yellow Page ads. From there I became a typesetter in the corporate headquarters of a regional retail chain, and after a year, transferred into a position as a designer of their weekly retail advertisiements.

I then went back to college to earn my Master's degree in business. After completion, I was employed by a color house as a customer service representative and learned about the many aspects of the pre-press world. Before leaving there I advanced to become the desktop publishing supervisor, overseeing all of the work that went through the desktop department.

Having a solid background in pre-press and print production, I was hired as the in-house graphic designer for a mid-sized company in the healthcare field and climbed the corporate ladder. I designed all of their marketing and promotional pieces, supervised a small desktop department, as well as, managed a network of Macintosh computers, telephone systems, and the overall office facility.

My Philosophy

Always do my best. I enjoy what I do, and having satisfied clients is very satisfying to me. Actually, I hope my clients view me as more than just a vendor, but a teammate in their marketing projects. I strive to build ongoing relationships with my clients so they feel comfortable in calling or emailing me with ideas and suggestions so I may better my work.

If you have an idea for a marketing event or promotion, I am available to work with you to create your idea graphically for print or web-based venues. I am willing to do as much, or as little, as you need. Some of my clients wish to have their project designed, printed, and mailed for them, while others just need a design created and they will follow through with the rest of their plan.

My Equipment

I work on a Macintosh computer, using InDesign Creative Suite as my applications of choice for layout, graphics and photo manipulation. I am up-to-date with the most recent version of my applications.

For web site creation my choice is Dreamweaver.